way to win

Cheap memory based aimbot with excellent tracking and distance recognition, esp lines and boxes, simple and clear GUI


HERF THIS helps you to get real pleasure from the game, feels like you're console guy playing on PS4 with aim-assist


Excellent tracking, distance recognition, humanizer factor and more


Several kinds of ESP with changeable color and thickness


Does not touch the game files, only reads the memory

Subscription plans

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2 days

Weekend chill


  • Full features!
  • Tech support!
  • Free updates!

7 days

Just for test


  • Full features!
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30 days

Standart plan


  • Full features!
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90 days



  • Full features!
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Get real pleasure
from the game

Permanent Tactical Visor and Infra-Sight with any hero, what could be better? Our cheat gives excellent performance for the best price.
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Most popular questions

Q: Can i get banned?

A: There is always a chance to get banned. Hack never been detected, but you still can get a ban if you receive many reports.

Q: Is this pixelbot? Do you have screenlock bypass?

A: No, it's not, that's memory bot. You don't need screenlock bypass because screenlock won't affect on hack.

Q: Can i pay with paypal?

A: At the moment we don't accept payments using Paypal, you can buy a hack using a credit/debit card like Visa, MasterCard etc. All payment is automatic.